Data Center Management & Colocation Services

With more than 40 years of combined data management experience, PiDoxa Technology Solutions provides expert data center management at our location or yours. Whether you have a single server or require multiple racks, we provide unparalleled data management. We employ numerous senior experienced engineers in multiple countries for around-the-clock, continuous support.

Other Tech Services

PiDoxa Technology Solutions offers CTOshare and cybersecurity services to address critical aspects of technology management.

With CTOshare, non-tech companies gain clarity in defining the role of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), ensuring a strategic vision for future growth amid regulatory changes, market shifts, and emerging technologies.

With Cybersecurity Services, PiDoxa provides ongoing solutions to combat evolving threats, offering services such as penetration testing, red and blue team services, ransomware mitigation, and expert recommendations. The experienced cybersecurity team, versed in government and military-grade protocols, helps clients identify, minimize, and resolve cyberattacks, preventing downtime and potential revenue loss.


Without a CTO, non-tech companies risk operational myopia, hindering adaptability to regulatory shifts, market changes, and tech advancements, potentially impeding growth.


Delivers dynamic cybersecurity services, safeguarding businesses with penetration testing, red and blue team expertise, and strategic recommendations against evolving threats and regulatory changes.

Unburden Your Data Management

If you have network infrastructure, whether it’s in your office or at an external data center, rely on PiDoxa Technology Solutions for data center management or colocation services. We employ numerous experienced network engineers, system administrators, database administrators, and cybersecurity engineers, so you don’t have to. Why tie up one or more in-house FTEs for data management when you can have a robust team of data management experts at your disposal to manage, design, and troubleshoot?

Reach out today to Schedule a FREE consultation and learn more about how PiDoxa Technology Solutions’ data center management and colocation services can provide you with around-the-clock expert support at a fraction of the cost of hiring a single employee.