Full technology Visionary

For non-tech companies, defining the role of CTO is often perplexing. How can you know what technology your firm will need for the next five to ten years and beyond, if you don’t even know what technological advances are likely to occur between now and then? Do you currently possess the technical acumen to determine what kind of CTO you need? Without a diverse technical background, can you be certain whether or not applicants are fully qualified before your company invests a six-figure outlay (plus benefits) for a full-time CTO?

If you’re trying to manage your own IT services, you may find yourself focused on the day-to-day operations and breakdowns, with no clear vision and strategy for future growth. Without technology leadership, how easily can your company pivot when faced with regulatory changes, market shifts, and new technology?

Fractional CTO

Fractional CTO services offer an ideal way to ensure you’re only paying for the specific tech leadership and visionary services you need, without costly (and potentially risky) C-level benefits, perks, or golden parachutes.

You may need a fractional CTO to solidify the next round of funding for a start-up company, or perhaps you require visionary technology services for your company’s current or impending growth phase, or you may simply need tech leadership to ensure your company isn’t lagging behind industry tech trends and shifts. Whether it’s tech credibility or seamless growth you’re seeking, PiDoxa has the customized solution you need. We provide experienced fractional CTO leadership backed by 83 years of combined senior executive technical experience. With contracts for as little as 5 hours weekly, PiDoxa Technology Solutions can swiftly and expertly provide you with an experienced CTO to manage your next phase of growth.

Simplify Tech Solutions

Here at PiDoxa, we believe technical services should be easy and effective. Schedule a FREE consultation to discover how PiDoxa’s fractional CTO services can help you grow.